Find out more about how TwT Live works by reading our FAQs below, or arrange a video call with us to ask your own questions.

TwT Live is a CPD platform for schools that provides over 100 webinars a year, with a range of sessions each week focusing on using technology in the classroom, teaching digital skills to pupils and implementing technology effectively throughout a school.

School staff can take part in as many sessions as they want, joining live or by watching any session on demand when most convenient.

Once a school subscribes, staff can join as many sessions as they like at any time during the year.

TwT Live is a very simple platform to use. You register your school, get given a link to send to your staff to create their own accounts and then dive straight into our webinars.

Every week of term there are 3 live sessions, each between 25mins and 90mins. Once a session is over, the recording will be available to watch on demand for at least a month. Any staff member can sign up to any session to watch live, or just click on an on demand session and begin watching.

Once your school subscribes, all of your staff have unlimited access to our webinars for a year. They can watch any of our webinars live, or watch on demand at a time more convenient for themselves (webinars stay accessible for two months after being live).

TwT Live is a platform built by teachers, for teachers. Most of our trainers are teachers who practise what they preach in classrooms from across UK and international schools worldwide. You can meet some of our trainers by clicking 'Our Trainers' in the menu above.

Our trainers are classified into 5 groups:

  • Lead Trainer - Guto Aaron, a primary school teacher who has led thousands of hours of educational technology training across the UK, Europe and beyond.
  • Regular Contributor - Experienced trainers who host TwT Live training regularly, alongside teaching in their own schools.
  • Guest Trainer - Teachers running their first, or one of their first, training sessions for TwT Live.
  • Special Guests - Full-time trainers with their own area of expertise invited to run sessions on their topic for TwT Live
  • Product Speakers - Trainers from educational technology platforms hosting training sessions on their own software (These are still instructional sessions, not product pitches or adverts.)

Our webinars are focused on all aspects of educational technology.

Some are platform specific (e.g. Intro to Google Classroom, Parents Meeting through Teams), some are focused on teaching digital skills to pupils (e.g. Spreadsheets in KS2, Teaching Video Editing), some are pedagogy focused (e.g. Giving Effective Feedback Online, Encouraging collaboration) whilst others will focus on the whole school approach (e.g. Moving your School to the Cloud).

You can see upcoming events on our home page, as well as information about some of the on demand sessions available.

Unlimited access, all your staff, watch live or on demand